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Exam Code: 70-765
Exam Name: Provisioning SQL Databases (beta)
Updated: Aug 20, 2017
Q&As: 36

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70-765 dumps

Which of the following is NOT an example of cost of poor quality?
A. Rework.
B. Quality training.
C. Scrap.
D. Warranty costs.
70-765 exam Correct Answer: B
Which data can be imported directly from 4C into PPR?
A. GS cost baseline, materialized risk, GS cost EAC.
B. GS and MBB actual costs, materialized risk, non conformance costs, sellable additional works.
C. GS as sold cost estimate, risk contingency consumed, sellable additional works.
D. GS cost EAC, budgeted risk, sub-contractor claims.
Correct Answer: C
Which of the following is NOT part of the IPM suite?
A. Sales management.
B. Site data management.
C. Change management.
D. Document management.
70-765 dumps Correct Answer: A
Which is not a factor in choosing a subcontractor?
A. Complexity of requirements.
B. Price competition.
C. Competency.
D. Personal relationship with management.
Correct Answer: D
Which milestone(s) must always be completed before invoicing?
A. Provisional acceptance.
B. Final acceptance.
C. Internal acceptance.
D. It depends on the contractual terms.
70-765 pdf Correct Answer: D
A risk response which involves eliminating a threat is called:
A. mitigation.
B. deflection.

C. avoidance.
D. transfer.
Correct Answer: C
What is the relationship between sales items (SI’s) and service orders in the care contract?
A. An SvO can have multiple SI’s, but an SI line in the care contract can have only one SvO.
B. There is no relationship or connection between SIs and SvOs in the care contract.
C. An SvO can have only one SI, and an SI line in the care contract can have only one SvO.
D. An SvO can have only one SI, but an SI line in the care contract can have multiple SvOs.
70-765 vce Correct Answer: D
For which of the following reasons can the cost baseline be updated?
A. Due to cost savings.
B. Due to delays in project execution.
C. Due to customer driven scope change.
D. Due to subcontractor’s price change.
Correct Answer: C
What is NOT a key element for the lower level WBS structure set up in SAP from a cost and progress
manager perspective?
A. F&C requirement.
B. Ability to execute customer orders.
C. To support IPM setup.
D. Cost reporting capability for identified project scope.
70-765 exam Correct Answer: A
What is the formula of the “value of risk” in the quantitative risk analysis?
A. The impact of risk in * the probability of occurrence in %.
B. The cost of risk mitigation in * the probability of occurrence in %.
C. The risk contingency budget in / the probability of occurrence in %.
D. The cost of transferring the risk in / the probability of occurrence in %.
Correct Answer: A
Which of the following is NOT a type of performance measure?
A. Planned Value.
B. Earned Value.
C. Estimate to complete.
D. Cost variance.
70-765 dumps Correct Answer: C
Which of the following is not chargeable work?
A. Project management.
B. Construction works.
C. Site logistics.
D. Account management.
Correct Answer: D
Through which tool and what trigger is supplier work accepted for project business?
A. IPM and the internal acceptance work item.
B. IPM and the customer acceptance work item.
C. ERM and the internal acceptance work item.
D. SAP and the customer acceptance work item.
70-765 pdf Correct Answer: A
Who is responsible for presenting the project financial results in the project review meetings?
A. Project Manager with support of the cost and progress manager.
B. Cost and progress manager and project controller.
C. Cost and progress manager with support of the project manager.
D. Project controller.
Correct Answer: A
The project is not completed until:
A. the assessment of overall project performance against plan is completed.
B. final customer acceptance is received, and any other requirements for project closure as stated in the
contract are met.
C. the customer indicates their satisfaction and final payment is received.
D. the lessons learned are completed.
70-765 vce Correct Answer: B
Which of the following KPIs is NOT reported by the cost and progress manager?
C. NCC coverage.
Correct Answer: D
Company A is working on a project. The project`s budget is 10,000. The planned value as of date X is
4,000. The project is 30% completed. 60% of the budget has been spent to date X. The actual cost (AC) to
date for the project is:
A. 6,000.
B. 2,400.
C. 3,000.
D. 5,000.
70-765 exam Correct Answer: A
As theoretically defined, what characteristic best describes the cost baseline?
A. Total budget for the project.
B. Time phased budget for the project.
C. Total budget for the project including the contingency budget.
D. Total budget for the project including the contingency budget and the management reserve.
Correct Answer: B
When should lessons learned be performed?
A. During the project execution and at the conclusion of the project.
B. Only at the end of the project, during project closing.
C. After the end of the project, at the project post-mortem meeting.
D. Only when there is time available as project managers have other priorities.
70-765 dumps Correct Answer: A
What of the following options is the most appropriate course of action when the project resource cost to
date exceeds the plan in the CBL?
A. Compensate for the unplanned resources by releasing part of the risk contingency.
B. Close the related SvO in WTR and SAP so resources can no longer book their time, as the cost plan
has been exceeded.
C. Discuss this with the project manager and realign the resourcing plan for the remainder of the project,
updating the EAC if required.
D. Increase the values in the EAC to reflect the increased resource cost.
Correct Answer: C
For what primary purpose do cost and progress managers require the project change log?
A. Cost and progress managers are responsible to systematically document all change requests.
B. Cost and progress managers rarely require the change log, as it is a tool primarily for project
C. The change log is mandatory for global reporting.
D. The change log provides key inputs for estimation at completion (EAC) maintenance.
70-765 pdf Correct Answer: D
A __________ is a formal invitation to submit a price for goods and/or services as specified:
A. request for quotation.
B. bid response.
C. intention to bid.
D. request for proposal.
Correct Answer: A
In which situation is it required to update/change the cost baseline?
A. Roll-out delays affecting the original cost plan.
B. Change in subcontractor prices.
C. Scope changes supported by a legal binding document.
D. When a risk has materialized.
70-765 vce Correct Answer: C
What is the back-to-back principle that Nokia implements for project vendor contracts?
A. Same invoicing terms towards the customer as from the vendor.
B. Same items sold to the customer and purchased from the vendor.
C. Same standard contract templates towards the customer and the vendor.
D. Same approval criteria towards the vendor as from the customer.
Correct Answer: B
Which of these is a valid response to negative risks?
A. Exploit.
B. Mitigate.
C. Enhance.
D. Share.
70-765 exam Correct Answer: B
Which of the following statements is correct?
A. An accuracy KPI that increases and a deviation KPI that increases shows that your project is under
B. An accuracy KPI that decreases and a deviation KPI that increases shows that your project is under
C. An accuracy KPI that decreases and a deviation KPI that decreases shows that your project is under
D. An accuracy KPI that increases and a deviation KPI that decreases shows that your project is under
70-765 dumps Correct Answer: D
What is the purpose of the post project review?
A. To review of how a contract is performing against the customer and LoA commitments.
B. To communicate the project closure and to collect and communicate lessons learned and best
C. To formally conclude all project activities including ramping down of resources, closing the project in
the financial tools, and archiving project documentation.
D. To provide an overview of the project performance and to identify gaps related to planning and
preparation work.
Correct Answer: B

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