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With CGMP enabled, which are unique about the following MAC address range: 01-00-5E-00-00-00 to 01-00-5E-00-00-FF? (multiple answer)
A. CGMP does not prune those MAC addresses.
B. They contain the CGMP Multicast addresses for the IGMP Leaves and IGMP Queries.
C. CGMP filters those MAC addresses when they arrive at the processor
D. They are the reserved IP addresses of to for forwarding local IP multicast traffic in a single Layer 3 hop. – Make You Succeed To Pass IT Exams PassGuide 350-023
Correct Answer: ABD
The output from the dspcds command indicates an FRM at revision “EJV.” What does this mean?
A. Hardware revision E, firmware model J, firmware revision V
B. Hardware revision J, firmware model E, firmware revision V
C. Hardware revision V, firmware model E, firmware revision J
D. Hardware revision E, firmware model V, firmware revision J
Correct Answer: B
In standard ATM ABR network congestion control, the ICR is: A. The amount at which the source increments its cell rate in case no congestion is experienced
B. The internal cell rate the switch is allowing the CPE to send
C. The rate at which the source should send initially or after an idle period
D. None of the above

Correct Answer: C
The CLP can be set to 1:
A. By the switch to inform the ATM network that this cell is not conforming and MAY be discarded.
B. By the switch to inform the ATM network that this cell is not conforming and MUST be discarded.
C. By the CPE to tell the switch that this cell has lower priority.
D. By the switch to inform the end user that it is sending too much data.
E. By the Network Management Station

Correct Answer: AC
With VAD set, a utilization rate of 40%, and 16K ADPCM set, how many voice channels can be routed on a T1 trunk?
A. 24
B. 48
C. 96 – Make You Succeed To Pass IT Exams PassGuide 350-023
D. More than 200

Correct Answer: D
The load model:
A. Is a dynamic measurement of trunk loading that is based on a trunk’s current utilization
B. Is a static measurement of loading on trunks based on the minimum packets per second
C. Can be viewed using the dsptrkutl command
D. Does not change when connections are deleted but changes when ports are downed
E. Is a static measurement of loading on trunks based on the PCR times percent util
Correct Answer: B
What is the total length of a Frame Relay header without extended addressing?
A. 2 bytes
B. 3 bytes
C. 4 bytes
D. 5 bytes
Correct Answer: A
What is the advantage(s) of B8ZS over ZCS on a DS1 facility?
A. B8ZS ensures the line’s density and ZCS does not.
B. B8ZS does not require repeaters for long distances.
C. B8ZS allows for “clear channel” configurations to support data applications.
D. B8ZS has no advantages over ZCS.

Correct Answer: C
Which are the correct ways to release IBGP from the condition that all IBGP neighbors need to be fully meshed? (multiple answer)
A. Configure local preference
B. Configure route reflectors
C. Configure IBGP neighbors several hops away
D. Configure confederations – Make You Succeed To Pass IT Exams PassGuide 350-023

Correct Answer: BD
What ISDN timer is started after Q.931 SETUP msg is sent?
A. T301
B. T303
C. T302
D. T310
E. T305

Correct Answer: B
The NNI specification defines communications between:
A. An ATM end system and an ATM switch
B. Two ATM end systems
C. An ATM device and a non-ATM device
D. Two ATM switches from different carriers
E. Two ATM switches
Correct Answer: E
A channelized E1 frame carries 30 data slots and:
A. A time slot for signaling
B. Two channels for control functions
C. Framing bit for mark sequence start
D. synchronizing multiframe
Correct Answer: A
One advantage of using loop start over ground start is that:
A. It reduces the number pairs between the end device and the PBX.
B. It reduces glare between the end device and the PBX.
C. It reduces connection time.
D. None of the above

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 63
In AAL1:
A. There is an 8 bit Clocking Information Field.
B. There is a 1 bit CS indicator, a 3 bit Sequence Count, and a 4 bit Sequence Number Protection.
C. There is an extra byte for CRC to protect the payload.
D. There are no extra fields.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 64
What command allows the user to configure the V.25 (fast modem) upgrade rate?
A. cnfvchparm
B. cnfsysparm
C. cnfchec
D. cnfsigparm

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 65
Which changes overhead in IMA?
A. PCR configuration
B. Link differential delay
C. Cells per IMA frame
D. MIB2 transfer

Correct Answer: BC QUESTION 66
The switching function of a Frame Relay switch operates at what layer of the OSI model?
A. Physical Layer
B. Transport Layer
C. Data Link Layer
D. Network Layer

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 67

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