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Exam Code: 70-475
Exam Name: Designing and Implementing Big Data Analytics Solutions
Q&As: 42

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70-475 dumps

(True or False) A single flow can contain multiple End shapes.
A. True
B. False
70-475 exam Answer: A
What is the primary purpose of an Assignment shape in a flow? (Choose One)
A. To generate correspondence automatically
B. To pause the flow while the work object is manually researched or analyzed
C. To resolve the work object
D. To initiate a subflow
Answer: B
(True or False) Business process flows cannot be tested from the Designer Studio.
A. True
B. False
70-475 dumps Answer: B
Which type of rule defines the portion of a work object that typically contains
information about people, companies and organizations interested in a work object?
(Choose One)
A. Operator
B. Access Group
C. Work Parties
D. Organization
Answer: C
(True or False) With process-driven PRPC, a work item is guided through its lifecycle
by a process, which is captured using a flow diagram that is for reference only and not
used to generate executable code.
A. True
B. False
70-475 pdf Answer: B
Which of the following statements regarding Connector Flow Actions is true? (Choose
A. The likelihoods of all of the Connector Flow Actions on a shape must add up to 100
B. A Connector Flow Action specifies an action that can complete an assignment
C. The end user cannot differentiate between a Connector Flow Action and a Local
Flow Action
D. A Connector Flow Action represents the outcome of an automated decision

Answer: B
Upon reaching a Fork shape, PRPC will first evaluate the When rule referenced by
. (Choose One)
A. the connector that has the lowest Likelihood value
B. the connector that has the greatest likelihood value
C. the connector that returns the first true result
D. the leftmost connector
70-475 vce Answer: B
Which of the following should be included in a draft flow? (Choose Four)
A. Decision shapes
B. Decision rules
C. Use cases
D. Integration activities
E. Work status
F. Flow action rules
Answer: A, C, E, F
Which statements are true of a screen flow? (Choose Two)
A. Ownership of a work item cannot be transferred within the flow
B. A screen flow can be used as a starting flow
C. A screen flow can call another screen flow
D. A screen flow can use a subprocess shape to spin off a starting flow
70-475  exam Answer: A, C
Which of the following is not a valid characteristic of a starting flow? (Choose One)
A. A starting flow creates a work item

B. A starting flow can be a screen flow
C. A starting flow can reference a data transform
D. A starting flow can reference a work parties rule
Answer: B
Which of the following shapes are not allowed in a screen flow? (Choose Two)
A. Decision
B. Split For Each
C. Split Join
D. Utility
E. Subprocess
F. Swimlane
70-475 dumps Answer: C, F
Is the following flow an example of a valid screen flow? (Choose One)
A. Yes
B. No
C. Cannot be determined from the diagram
Answer: A
Which of the following is NOT true of a local flow action? (Choose One)
A. It advances the flow
B. It permits users to complete an auxilliary task, such as attaching supporting
C. It can be used to update assignment or work item properties
D. It causes the assignment to remain on the current user’s worklist
70-475 pdf Answer: A
In which category of the Application Explorer do you find Correspondence rules?
(Choose One)
A. User Interface
B. Process
C. Reports
D. Decision
Answer: B
Which flow shapes can be used to send correspondence? (Choose Two)
A. Assignment
B. Subprocess
C. Connector
D. Utility
70-475 vce Answer: A, D
A red alarm clock indicates that the assignment is . (Choose One)
A. within ten seconds of the deadline
B. within one minute of the deadline
C. within one hour of the deadline
D. within one hour of the goal
E. within one day of the goal
Answer: C
Which of the following is not a standard work status prefix? (Choose One)
A. Resolved
B. Withdrawn
C. Pending
D. Open
E. New

70-475 exam Answer: B
Which of the following statements about work status is true? (Choose One)
A. Work status is set at the beginning of a flow and at the end of a flow, but never in
B. Once a work item is resolved, it no longer appears on a worklist, in a workbasket, or
in the database
C. You can use Utility and Assignment shapes to set the work status
D. The PRPC best practice is to always define custom status values and avoid using the
standard status prefixes
Answer: C
Default work parties are created by . (Choose One)
A. the Application Profile
B. the Application Accelerator
C. a System Architect
D. a Lead System Architect
70-475 dumps Answer: B
Which local flow action would you add to an assignment to allow an operator to add
work parties while processing a work item? (Choose One)
A. AddWorkParty
B. AddParty
C. AddWorkPartyRole
D. RouteToParty
Answer: B
Which rule types can be specified on a flow action rule form, to process data entered
by the user? (Choose Three)

A. Activity
B. Validate
C. Edit Validate
D. Data Transform
E. Service Level
F. Edit Input
70-475 pdf Answer: A, B, D
What is the best way to resolve a work item in a flow? (Choose One)
A. Set the work item status to a value beginning with “Resolved-” on the last
assignment in the flow
B. Use a utility to call the UpdateStatus activity to set the work item status to a value
beginning with “Resolved-”
C. A work item is automatically resolved when it reaches the end shape
D. Use a decision rule to set the work item status
Answer: B
Review the following diagram:
The Escalate shape represents a(n) . (Choose One)
A. Comment
B. Activity
C. Flow/subflow
D. Decision
70-475 vce Answer: C

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